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  • How do I start training at Pilot Makers?
    Come visit us any time Mon-Fri 9a-5p to tour our facility and see our aircraft! Schedule an intro flight by calling (435) 315-3944 Ext. 1 or by signing up here.
  • How do I get a badge in order to access the Pilot Makers hangar at the Provo Airport?
    Call Dispatch Desk and request the badge packet (435.315.3944) Pay the badge fee using the card on file, or in person ($140 for all first time and renewal badges issued after Mar 2023. Renewals after a refundable deposit is paid will cost $40 annually. Current badge holders will be assessed a $100 deposit upon renewal.) Dispatch will send a Docusign Packet with PVU badge application. Fill out the application. Application is reviewed by Dispatch Desk. Schedule an appointment with Dispatch to bring required 2 forms of ID (Refer to the I-9 List of Acceptable Documents: Note: Only original documents will be accepted, no copies) Suggested appointments will be Mondays, 9am-2pm in order to provide sufficient time to submit completed badge applications and IDs to Provo Badging Office before closing. PVU Badge Office hours: M-TH, 8am-5pm.1331 S Sky Way, Provo, UT Dispatch Desk signs Section 2 of the application, prints and gives applicant completed application Applicants proceed immediately to the PVU Badging Office with the application and 2 forms of ID. All applicants must submit their renewal/new application in person at the requested airport per TSA regulations. The Badging Office is located on 2nd floor on the south side of PVU terminal. Park in cell phone lot on the north side of the terminal. Walk to the furthest south terminal entrance (facing east). Use the staircase and walk up to the 2nd floor. Turn R, walk along the bridge toward the offices with a wood door. Enter a small foyer. Press the button on the left wall to request entrance into the Provo Airport Management Offices. Once admitted, present your IDs and completed application. Beginning in Fall 2023, the Badging Office will be located on the right side of the foyer. PVU Badging Office reviews acceptable IDs, and Administers an on-the-spot badge test to the renewal applicant in the PVU Badging Office (Badge RENEWALS only) Notifies new applicants of dates of upcoming Badge Classes, where a badge test will be administered following airport security training (First time badge applicants only) NOTES ABOUT BADGES: Existing PVU badge holders won’t be subject to the new fees/refundable deposit until annual renewal. All students must get a PVU Badge. Airport Safety Badge Classes occur every Tuesday at 1 pm @ PVU; a passing test score is required to receive the badge. Dispatch desk will forward PVU emails regarding badge class dates/badge pickup.* *Once PVU Badging Office website is operational (2024), notifications for badge classes/badge pickup will be available on their website. Renters are strongly encouraged to have their own PVU badge. Someone already badged with another company at PVU will need to be badged separately with Pilot Makers (including $100 deposit). PVU allows simultaneously held badges.
  • Can I use a GI Bill at Pilot Makers?
    As a Part 61 flight school Pilot Makers unfortunately does not accept GI Bills. If you wish to use your GI Bill it must be at a Part 141 flight school such as UVU, SUU, or USU.
  • Where is Pilot Makers located?
    We have a new hangar location! We are now situated inside the gates at the Provo Airport. You can find us at Hangar number 19-12. If you'd like to visit us, Schedule a tour with us at 435-315-3944
  • What aircraft make up the Pilot Makers fleet?
    Pilot Makers prides itself on its diverse fleet, which includes Piper Archer II’s, a Super Decathlon, and an Extra 300, as well as a Redbird Simulator. Learn more about the fleet and the other aircraft available at Pilot Makers under the Aircraft Fleet page or by clicking here.
  • What is the cost to go from having zero hours to being a commercial pilot at Pilot Makers?
    Prices differ between students depending on their learning curve and the number of hours it takes them to complete their individual licenses. Contact us today for pricing information at (435) 315-3944 Ext.1
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