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Be part of a growing team


CFII’s Wanted  – Be part of a growing team

Pilot Makers Advanced Flight Academy is a rapidly growing flight school in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. We are now accepting applications for CFIIs! 

Pilot Makers is looking for dedicated flight instructors with a willingness to learn, great work ethic, and passion for creating the next generation of exceptional pilots. 

Working as a CFI at Pilot Makers will also provide you with unique opportunities including tailwheel and aerobatic training in aircraft such as our Super D and Extra 300. If you think Pilot Makers would be a good fit for you, please apply below! 



Desired Experience:
  • CFII and MEI

  • Tailwheel endorsement and experience

  • Aerobatic experience

  • Mountainous terrain experience

  • Pay up to $30 per Hour, Based on Qualifications

  • Located at 3393 Mike Jense Pkwy Provo, Utah 84601

Find out more about our programs, sign up for our newsletter, or ask general questions here.
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